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Bill and Jalen’s 33-Day Recap: Day 2 of the First Birdmester!

Bill and Jalen's 33-Day Recap -- The First Birdmester Parts 3 & 4 (Grantland Channel)

Part 3

To honor the great Larry Bird, Bill and Jalen have decided to do a leaguewide wrap-up every 33 days, or, as they call it, every Birdmester. In this episode — Part 3 of our video series — Bill and Jalen praise the funniest YouTube video, the biggest media-created controversy, the most heartwarming story, and more.

(Find our first two First-Birdmester videos here and here!)

Part 4

In Part 4 of the First-Birdmester review, Bill and Jalen designate the NBA’s MVP and cover the “Keep Gettin’ Dem Checks Guys,” fake trades that won’t happen but should, and the league’s rising stars.

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