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Baseball Nickname, Serial Killer, or Fakery: The Game

Edgar RenteriaMy favorite comedy podcast, Uhh Yeah Dude, sometimes features a game called “Weed, Horse, Mind’s Eye.” One co-host lists three names. One is a kind of marijuana, one is the name of a race horse, and one is a figment of his imagination. Another co-host has to guess which is which.

This game, inspired by that podcast, is called “Baseball Nickname, Serial Killer, or Fakery.” It works the same way. There will be sets of three, each with one of the three categories. The link to each will give you the answer. Don’t click if it if you don’t want to know. Good luck:

A. The Godfather of the Matamoros
B. The Barranquilla Baby
C. The Lion of Veracruz

A. The Sidler
B. The Fisher
C. The Joker

A. Good Time Bill
B. Wayward Wayne
C. Sullen Sammy

A. The Red Demon
B. The Gray Ghost
C. The Golden Greek

A. Preacher Wally
B. Deacon Jim
C. Pastor Bob

A. Citizen X
B. Firestorm
C. Bazooka

A. The Knight of Kennett Square
B. The Tailor of the Ozarks
C. The Pied Piper of Tucson

A. Auntie Angel
B. The Giggling Granny
C. Lady Baldwin

A. Sidetrack
B. Backroad
C. Gunboat

If you got all the correct answers, you can pat yourself on the back for knowing a lot about baseball nicknames, or lock yourself away for knowing too much about serial killers.

(Eds. note: Apparently there was an Octopus. Sorry, everyone!)