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Bartolo Colon Threw 38 Straight Strikes Last Night

Bartolo ColonHere’s what THAT looked like. Pretty crazy, right?

“You can’t get 38 strikes out of a pitching machine,” outfielder Jonny Gomes said after the game, a 6-0 Oakland win over the Angels on Wednesday night. “I’ve never seen anything remotely close.”

Bartolo Colon is better than a machine, you guys! He is the John Henry for our times! (Except John Henry died, right? Also Colon wasn’t competing against a machine. I realize this is a stretch.) In case you are really geeking out over Colon’s performance, ESPN Stats and Information broke down the streak for us. Here’s what it looked like, numbers-wise:

35 — Fastballs
27 — In the zone
17 — Looking
10 — Foul balls
10 — Balls in play
1 — Swing and miss