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B.S. Report: Scott Van Pelt

How has Scott Van Pelt never been a BS Report guest? I have no answer. It’s inexplicable. But in my ongoing quest to avoid doing any baseball podcasts — or discuss baseball, think about baseball, or acknowledge baseball, other than those three to four hours per night when the Red Sox are stomping my lungs and ruining my ability to breathe — I brought SVP on yesterday for a wide-range discussion about conference realignment in college sports, whether the ACC can really be called the “ACC” anymore, what happened to the Big East, who the secret villain of the fall of the Big East was (I passed along my theory) and why they don’t just have all-college-football and all-college-hoops conferences. We also discussed the NBA lockout, life at ESPN, Tiger Woods, my plan to save the PGA Championship and whether ESPN is violating labor laws with Van Pelt’s weekly workload. FYI: You can hear Van Pelt’s radio show with Ryen Russillo on ESPN Radio weekdays from 1 to 4 p.m.

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