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B.S. Report: Mike Lombardi and Connor Schell

Thaddeus Young Who needs NBA analysts to break down the playoffs when you can call one of the best NFL guys around? That’s right, I called up our old friend Mike Lombardi to talk about his beloved Sixers, NBA coaching vs. NFL coaching, and the philosophies behind building an NBA team vs. building an NFL team. We also rehashed last month’s draft and talked about the Saints, Drew Brees and the league’s ongoing concussion crisis. Somehow a 20-minute conversation turned into 45 minutes.

From there, I called ESPN Films vice-president Connor Schell to talk about this week’s announcement that the 30 for 30 series was returning to ESPN, as well as the short-film component on Grantland that launched this week. As always, Connor was furious that I never told him we were calling and will be complaining about it for the next month.

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