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B.S. Report: Matthew Berry


You knew this was coming: my annual fantasy football preview with’s Matthew Berry. I can’t believe we were able to land him as a guest — he keeps such a low profile this time of year. Anyway, we broke down crucial questions like, “Should Mike Vick be the first overall pick?”, “When should you take Chris Johnson?”, “Can you be in three leagues without neglecting one of them?”, “Are there particularly good Vegas odds for a 2011 passing/rushing/receiving yards leader?”, and “Is there a special fantasy football league just for ESPN employees who say ‘Ohbytheway’ too much?” We also broke down the best QBs, RBs and WRs, argued about a few sleepers/stayaways and basically tried to hit as many names and topics as humanly possible in 70 minutes. And as always, I played up a couple of guys whom I have no intention of actually drafting just because I know people from my three leagues will listen to this podcast.

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