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B.S. Report: Jonathan Kraft, Kevin Wildes and Joe House

Live from the Bud Light Hotel in Indy, it’s more of the BS Report!

What, two hours of podcast content on Thursday was more than enough for you? How dare you? What about two more parts and two more hours of babbling? In Part 1, Patriots president Jonathan Kraft talked about Sunday’s game, how to run an NFL organization, why the 18-game schedule isn’t a bad idea, his mother’s lasting legacy and how the Patriots might have handled that Peyton Manning-Indy situation if it had happened with Tom Brady. (Listen to Part 1 on the Podcenter or on iTunes.)

In Part 2, Kevin Wildes and Joe House went on a half-baked idea frenzy. You’ll never think about Leap Year the same way again. (Listen to Part 2 on the Podcenter or on iTunes.)

Oh, and go Patriots! Enjoy the weekend.

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