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B.S. Report: JackO, Cousin Sal, and Gus Ramsey

Josh BeckettCan you hear that siren blaring? That’s right, it’s the panic alarm for Red Sox and Yankees fans!!! You knew I’d be calling my buddy JackO (a diehard Yankees fan) after our teams stumbled to dueling 0-3 starts. We decided that one of us was more depressed than the other (I won’t spoil it for you), and then I complained about Bobby V. for a while. The conversation turned out to be so depressing, we were forced to call not one but two fans of the 3-0 Mets — our old friend Cousin Sal and my buddy Gus — just so the listeners wouldn’t be depressed for the rest of the day. Sal and I also threw in some NBA/NFL gambling talk, and Gus and Sal and I spent a little too much time talking about the fact that it’s apparently impossible for a Mets pitcher to throw a no-hitter.

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