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B.S. Report: Cousin Sal

Tim Tebow

Lots to discuss on my Monday podcast with Cousin Sal, including …

Did we really win a three-team teaser this weekend?

Why does Tebow drive Cousin Sal so crazy?

Why am I getting so much enjoyment out of the Tebow Era?

Was Tebow put on earth to win football games in the ugliest ways possible?

Should we change the name of God Bless America to Tebow Bless America?

Is there a chance that either Sal or I will be starting at QB for the Texans this Sunday?

Who quit on their coach more — San Diego or Philly?

Is there really a realistic scenario in which the AFC Playoffs could include two of Oakland, Denver and Tennessee?

Why am I so damned good at picking the lines every week?

What does it sound like when I try to do a Mike Francesa imitation with a head cold?

And most important: Is the Pats-Colts line the single-highest line we’ve ever guessed on the pod?

To get the answers and more, listen to our Week 13 NFL Podcast …

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