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‘Too Many Cooks’: The ’80s Sitcom of Your Wildest Dreams. And Darkest Nightmares.

Just watch it. But don’t say we didn’t warn you about how it will change you forever.

Look, we’re going to warn you right now, right off the bat: Things are going to get weird up in here. You’re going to think you’re watching one thing, and you’ll settle into the warm bath of the recognition of that thing, then the water will slowly get hotter and you’ll be watching another thing before you realize you’re being boiled alive in the bathtub of your expectations. This is all we’re going to give you up front: It’s an Adult Swim ’80s sitcom-credits parody called Too Many Cooks,1 and it debuted late last night, but that’s all you’re getting. Maybe a tiny trigger warning here might be appropriate (it also might be NSFW, be forewarned), hinting that the 11-minute time-travel journey on which you’re about to embark might change you forever.


From the mind of one of the creators of Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell.

Good luck out there. See you on the other side.