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This Week in Betty White: Friars Roasts, Young Jeezy Bro-Outs

Betty White, still killing the game.

Betty White has forgotten more about doing awesome stuff than most of us will ever learn. You could probably be like, “Hey, Betty, remember that time you serenaded Eisenhower, or that time you accidentally stepped on Patrick Duffy’s foot, or that time you took a photo with a giant python around your neck?” and she’d be like, “Huh? What? Who cares about that bullshit?” and then she’d go off to learn how to juggle knives or something. On that note: This week Betty White did two more rad things.

The first was hanging out with Young Jeezy. Here is a photo of that meeting. (A quick aside: They look chummy as hell, and it’s a nice addition to the burgeoning photo series of Young Jeezy posing with random people. That series began with Bieber, moved on to Diplo, and has now reached its pinnacle with Betty.)

Anyway, back to the point: The second awesome thing that Betty White did this week was get booked for this year’s Friars Club Roast, going down in May, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Freddie Roman, dean of the Friars Club, said, “Betty White is one of those unique talents that comes along once every generation. She has been making people laugh all her life, and our Roasters will need to be on their toes to handle Betty’s razor-sharp wit.” (Note: Roman probably meant to say “only once a generation.” The way it’s phrased here makes it sound more ordinary: Once a generation, like clockwork, a new Betty White materializes. That is clearly not the case as White enters her eighth decade in Hollywood.) Betty herself adds, “Those Friars may think I’m an easy mark, but I have 90 years of comebacks waiting for them. This is such an honor to be roasted by the Friars Club. It will be an afternoon filled with dirty words, risque jokes & sex talk … and that’s just what I plan on saying!”

Ninety years old. Still killing the game.