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The Situation Accidentally Tweets Phone Number to Entire World; Hilarity Ensues

Mike Sorrentino on the PhoneA few hours ago, lovable Jersey Shore ab-showcase mechanism Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino attempted to direct-message his phone number to a presumably DTF new acquaintance, no doubt hoping a rollicking smoosh session would soon follow. But there was an operational error somewhere between Sitch’s fingers and his phone, and his digits were accidentally transmitted across the public Twitters to all 1.4 million of his followers, who, in short order, began the inevitable and delightful process of retweeting them to the flickering screens of every sentient life form in the universe:

If this tweet has yet to reach your mobile device, please wait patiently: You’ll get your turn, and we’re sure that once Mr. Sorrentino handles the initial, overwhelming flood of eager responses, he’ll take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that everyone gets it in, even if he has to outsource some of the work to a smooshshop in Mumbai. (And yes, the conditions there would appall you, but what’s he supposed to do, pay minimum wage in America and bankrupt himself over an honest mistake? The Situation is not immune to the economic realities of an increasingly interconnected world fuck-marketplace.)

Below, enjoy a selection of Sitch’s subsequent tweets, from his near instantaneous realization of his error, to a not-totally-unexpected flood of calls and photos (yes, of course we called; the mailbox is full, if you know what we mean), to a much-more-unexpected introduction to the potential future Mrs. Situation.