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The New Trailer for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Features Less Singing, More Fighting, and Roughly the Same Amount of Martin Freeman

My dude Martin Freeman turned in one of the all-time great TV performances in the original British version of The Office, and that show went on to be a springboard for an international franchise. That didn’t necessarily mean Hollywood glory was in Freeman’s future; I mean, his American doppelganger can’t even get steady movie work, and that guy’s like 6-foot-4. Freeman did land a plum role alongside the future Yasiin Bey in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy back in 2005, but then sort of drifted back to the U.K. to knock out critical darlings like Sherlock. Now, though, he’s back in a major way, playing the titular role in the upcoming Hobbit epics, which have overcome rocky beginnings (Peter Jackson had to step in when Guillermo del Toro dropped out) and bloomed into a massive three-movie undertaking. And, yes, I realize I may be the only person watching this new Hobbit trailer right now and thinking, Hey, it’s Tim Canterbury! rather than There’s that one thing, from the book! But come on — it’s Tim Canterbury!