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The Better Call Saul Spin-off Is a Go!


Close down the office early and send Huell out for champagne: The long-discussed Breaking Bad spinoff about Saul Goodman, Better Call Saul, is a go. We repeat: Breaking Bad will be off the air after three more episodes, but Saul Goodman shall continue on.

Oh, and if you’re worried that this development somehow ruins the endgame about which the TV-obsessed universe has been (unsuccessfully) guessing since the moment we saw that machine gun in Walt’s trunk, don’t be: The series will be a prequel concerning Goodman’s pre-White period. We can continue to try to ruin the finale for each other with impunity, Saul-wise.

Operating under the assumption that this is purely good news, and putting off all Bummertown, New Mexico, speculation that expanding the Breaking Badiverse might in any way result in disappointment, there is only one appropriate way to celebrate, and it is this: