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The Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Red Band Trailer: Let’s Murder Up Some Vampires Real Good!

We’ve been monitoring the progress of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter very closely over the last few months, as it seems to be the one option on the cinematic calendar that will provide us with an opportunity to watch a Mount Rushmore president murder the undead with a traditional lumberjacking implement. (Well, at least until someone greenlights Seth Grahame-Smith‘s pitch about how founding vigilante fathers Thomas Jefferson and George Washington secretly used to team up to dispatch zombies with a two-man crosscut saw.) So it was a great relief to reach the Red Band Trailer phase of AL:VH‘s pre-release hype schedule and finally have our Pavlovian gore responses triggered by the release of much more graphically violent vampire-evisceration footage. The new material doesn’t disappoint: Yup, Honest Abe definitely hacks the ever-unliving shit out of some fang-faced bastards in this thing. We’re glad we can stop worrying about that now.