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Sweet Lincoln’s Mullet, the First Trailer for Anchorman: The Legend Continues Has Arrived

Ever since last December, when the Anchorman team teased a 2013 Christmastime Ron Burgundy rebirth that will pull all the focus from the baby Jesus, fans have been impatiently waiting for their sumptuously coiffed hero to return and drench them in Sex Panther. The time for that drenching has finally arrived. And now we know what awaits us six months hence: Burgundy and his team will be dragged from the local desk and into the world of 24-hour cable news. In the ’80s.

Cue the Journey song. Cue the handsomer, younger rival with whom Ron will inevitably cross swords, and who will be far more comfortable with the strange ways of the modern world. Cue Brick Tamland eating cocaine out of a punch bowl with both hands, probably.

Breathe deeply and smell the new Panther. It’s now cut with top notes of Drakkar Noir.