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Songs of the Week: Young Jeezy Drops New Single, Inspires Mizzou Basketball

Young Jeezy feat. Fabolous and Jadakiss, “O.J.”

Pretty great few days for Jeezy. Not only did he drop a new banger that made me gasp like a stereotypical old Southern lady the first time I heard its chorus, he also got college basketball love from Jay Bilas. This actually came out of Bilas’s mouth during a game this week: “And as the urban philosopher Young Jeezy says, ‘You better call your crew. You’re going to need help’ … against Missouri.”

French Montana feat. Charlie Rock, “Shot Caller”

Bronx up-and-comer French Montana dropped “Shot Caller” earlier this year, but now that he’s signed to Bad Boy, he gets a spiffy, BET-premiered music video. The beat, which rides heavy on Lords of the Underground’s “Funky Child” squelchy horns, is sandpapered smooth and irresistible, and French knows not to try too hard or anything. And the video is a New York rap staple: just a whole grip of rap bros — why hello, Waka Flocka! how is it hanging, Fat Joe? — mugging for the camera. SPOILER ALERT: it was all a dream.

Danny Brown, Pitchfork Selector Freestyle

Pitchfork’s “Selector” series, in which they grab a rapper and make him drop a verse to a random beat, is one of the best features on the site. (They usually pick some hipster electro-pop thing, which can lead to amusing exchanges. When A$AP Rocky was on, he got a number from Twin Sister and asked, “Who’s Twin Sister … do her and her sister look good?”) Here, Danny Brown wins the day with one simple couplet: “a couple grams of cocaine / now we up in that P.F. Chang’s.”

The National, “Rylan”

I know that The National are a beloved indie-rock institution, and that their music is nuanced and incisive and elegant and all that. But how much can you like a band that’s probably soundtracking a pre-school nap time somewhere in Park Slope as we speak?

Nicki Minaj, “Roman In Moscow”

Nicki takes two minutes out of her day to breezily remind everyone that, if she felt like it, she could go right back to being one of the best rappers pretty easily. “These bitches should be worshipping me in the synagogue” is, quite possibly, the best religiously insensitive rap boast we’ve heard all year.

Islands, “This Is Not a Song”

Nick “Diamonds” Thornburn, the man behind Islands, has previously played in a whole boatload of other bands, including weirdo lo-fi greats the Unicorns, who put out an album called Who Will Cut Our Hair When We’re Gone?, and Mister Heavenly, who had Michael Cera on bass. What I’m saying is, he’s probably a good guy to bring to a dinner party if you don’t feel like talking much.

Fol Chen, “Back on Kent”
Are there any filmmakers out there currently struggling to score a scene in which the protagonist is high and riding his/her bike home at night after a weird house party while feeling confused about something? Here you go!

Tune-Yards, “Party Can”

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“Party Can” is a bonus track on progressive genre splicer tUnE-YarDs’ whokill, which will most likely be dominating the imminent “album of the year” list bonanaza. More importantly: what would one put in a party can? I’d say a couple of Bud Light Limes, some Baked! Tostitos Scoops, the Models Inc. DVD box set, and you’ve got yourself a pretty good party can.

Ke$ha, “Only Dance With You”

So this is apparently a rough version of an upcoming Ke$ha single. You will probably like it if you are the kind of forward-thinking person that won’t make fun of me for saying I liked “Your Love Is My Drug.”

My Morning Jacket, “When The Bells Start Ringing”

The jam-band kings wish you a Merry Christmas with the second-best song ever about bells ringing and/or rocking.