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Ready for a Show Inspired by the Life of Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo?

Also in the Afternoon Links: the first trailer for Jon Stewart’s movie, a ‘Friends’ reunion on Kimmel, and ‘The Blacklist’ is Netflix’s priciest streaming deal yet.

Good, because Fox is, too. Today the network ordered a pilot for DeTour, a single-camera project that “follows a 30-something rock star who, similar to [Rivers] Cuomo’s sabbatical at Harvard eight years ago, walks away from the spotlight at the height of his fame in an effort to capture the normal life he passed over to become a music success story.” The idea comes from Psych creator Steve Franks. Defamer’s already gotten a great start on casting the Cuomo-alike.

Netflix is paying $2 million per episode for NBC’s The Blacklist in what’s “believed to be the biggest subscription video-on-demand deal for a TV series.” There were 22 episodes in Season 1. Do the math.

Kimmel staged a “Women of Friends” reunion last night.

Guardians of the Galaxy is “in some ways, is the best Marvel movie ever,” says Iron Man Downey Jr.

Saw’s returning to theaters for its 10th anniver$ary.

You know Battle Creek, CBS’s pilot cocreated by Vince Gilligan? Patton Oswalt’s going to appear on that.

You know The Mindy Project? Shonda Rhimes will guest star on that one.

The first trailer for Jon Stewart’s Rosewater is here.

Didn’t think Underworld would make it out of the reboot industrial complex alive, didja?

More Netflix: The streaming service also lined up its first French drama, and debuted images from the pretty impressive-looking Marco Polo.

And here’s a killer American Horror Story: Freak Show promo image.