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R.I.P., Russell Johnson, the Professor From ‘Gilligan’s Island’

The 89-year-old actor, who appeared in all but one of Gilligan’s Island’s 99 episodes, died of kidney failure on Thursday.

The 89-year-old actor died of kidney failure on Thursday. “Johnson was a busy but little-known character actor with credits including This Island Earth and It Came From Outer Space when he was cast in the slapstick comedy about seven people marooned on an uncharted Pacific island,” The Hollywood Reporter writes, adding that Johnson was in all but one of Gilligan’s Island’s 99 episodes. Johnson had been retired since the ’90s.

Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Happyish — in which he’ll play “a frazzled ad-man” — got a series order at Showtime. Kathryn Hahn and Rhys Ifans costar, and Louis C.K. does an ad for sneakers at one point.

Orange Is the New Black actress Michelle Hurst (Miss Claudette) was in a car accident; there is an online fundraiser to contribute to her recovery.

The 1960s Adam West–starring Batman series is coming to DVD. Rejoice, shrug, or nod appreciatively.

American Horror Story’s heading to 1950 next year. Jessica Lange might play a Nazi this time. Jaaaaa.

People clapped along with Macklemore when he hijacked an NYC bus to perform “Can’t Hold Us.” HE WAS BEING UNSAFE AT TIMES, THOUGH.

The CW’s Wonder Woman show is dead.

It did order a web spin-off of Veronica Mars, though.

Every Nicholas Sparks movie lead, fused.

Here’s Bruce Springsteen on hip-hop and Kanye: “I’m not well-versed in it but I have listened over the years. You know, Public Enemy, Notorious B.I.G., I listened to Tupac, I listen to Kanye West. Kanye West is incredible, you know. I mean, the record-making facility, you know, there’s a lot of hours in those records and they’re … I mean some of these, there’s like, just the production. And I saw him on television, he did the song called ‘Blood on the Leaves’ on the Later … With Jools Holland — it was fantastic, you know. He’s a very, I still find him very interesting. I’m not necessarily driving [to] it in my car, you know. I probably fall back on the stuff that I listened to as a kid or something if I’m driving around. But I do listen. I listen to a lot because there’s a lot of information in it and it’s just fascinating record-making.”

If you encountered a real-life emoji, you’d never recover.

Oscar movies experience a serious box office bump after getting nominated. Here’s chart-based proof.

Six million vinyl albums sold in 2013. The medium is up from 1 million units sold in 2007. [via]

And just in time for those Oscar noms, Time made a Best Film Title Generator. Barrage yourself with plots like, “A political prisoner and a doctor in 1910s Los Angeles cope with betrayal, writing and basketball.”