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Richard Gere Really the Bad Guy in Spoiler-Filled The Double Trailer

Check out the trailer, and play along at home.

Here’s the thing about the trailer for The Double, the upcoming thriller starring Richard Gere as a retired CIA agent partnered with a young one (Topher Grace) and tasked with apprehending the Soviet assassin who murdered a senator: It gives away the movie’s central twist so blatantly — Richard Gere is the Soviet assassin! — that there has to be a backup mini-twist. Below, a few possibilities, presented in decreasing order of likelihood.

1.) Gere has a split-personality disorder, and doesn’t actually know he’s both the agent and the assassin. Topher Grace is actually a Soviet operative manipulating the whole thing.

2.) Gere is fully aware he’s the assassin, but has some convoluted justification for killing senators.

3.) It was all a cat’s dream.

Check out the trailer, and play along at home!