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Peter Dinklage Starring in What Basically Has to Be Called Bad Leprechaun

Peter Dinklage

Lately, Paramount has been building movies around Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, and Ron Burgundy. Now it’s Peter Dinklage’s turn, in a project The Hollywood Reporter describes as “deep in R-rated territory but wrapped around an emotional heart.” Dinklage, who has won dragon dunghills of praise for Game of Thrones, will star as a man who tricks people into thinking he’s a real-life leprechaun.

Handling the screenplay is Andrew Dodge, who debuted with the script for Jason Bateman’s Bad Words, the target of some not-good buzz in Toronto last month. But move past that and couple this Dinklage project with a report that it’ll be “tonally in the vein of Bad Santa,” and what are the chances we’re looking at a movie titled Bad Leprechaun? Eighty percent? Higher?

For now, rewatch Dinklage’s cameo in Elf and imagine if he’d been allowed to called Buddy “fucknuts” instead of “jackweed”:

And maybe do a little Peter Drunklage refresher course, while you’re at it: