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Matthew Weiner Has a Perfectly Good Reason Why Those Mad Men Promos Are Worthless

Please, allow him to explain.

You know how the “next week on Mad Men” promos are always hopelessly, comically vague? Well, there’s a perfectly good reason: Matthew Weiner wants them like that! (OK, maybe it’s not so much a “perfectly good” reason as it is a “reason.”) Speaking with CNN, Weiner explained that he doesn’t “even want those scenes from next week … they could put a promotion for some other AMC show in there if they wanted to.” So the network compromises, letting him “weed anything out that I think is a spoiler. And honestly I didn’t know they were going to become a joke.” More to the point: “I paid so much money for that song at the end” — up to a quarter mill! — “I want you to sit there and let it wash over you and think about the experience you just had. Let it resonate a little bit, and not say, ‘Hey, don’t go away.’ I am a firm believer that the last 30 seconds of the show is when people decide to come back.”

In conclusion: The Mad Men promos are elliptical founts of confusion because Matthew Weiner is an exacting control freak with a very specific vision. Mmm, yep, pretty much what you’d already assumed.