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Listen to Barack and Get Burned on Valentine’s Day

Earlier this afternoon, a major moment involving the president of the United States occurred on Twitter. Before I jump into that, a quick backstory:

In June 2011, as the Obama 2012 campaign took over his Twitter account, the announcement was made that tweets from the @BarackObama account signed “-BO” meant that they were coming directly from Barack and not from a fleet of social media experts. In January 2012, Michelle followed suit, launching the Twitter account @MichelleObama with tweets signed “-MO,” meaning they are the true gospel of FLOTUS.

Leading up to this afternoon’s important moment, the president gave a speech in which he gave the “gentlemen” in the crowd some important advice on how to have a successful Valentine’s Day:

For all the gentlemen out there, today is Valentine’s Day. Do not forget. I speak from experience here; it is important that you remember this and go big. This is my advice.

Yes, the speech then went on to discuss Congress and the economy, but it was clear where his focus was: his girl.

And then it happened. At 2:39 EST, on one of the world’s largest stages, Twitter, Barack. Went. Big.


It is now 4 p.m. EST and Michelle still hasn’t responded. If you thought you were having a bad Valentine’s Day, please know it pales in comparison to the embarrassing afternoon Barack is having. I know Michelle is new to the whole Twitter thing, but can someone please interrupt her daily routine of eating at Olive Garden and doing the Dougie, hand her a phone or computer, and please tell her to tweet her man back? Please. It’s making America look weak with every passing minute.

Grantland’s Presidential Relationship Office (PRO) will keep you updated on this as the day goes on, hopefully sooner than later.

4:42 A tweet from @MichelleObama, but not “-MO”. The tweet says “Happy Valentine’s Day” with an attached picture of Michelle petting Bo the First Dog, but nothing Barack-related. This is disgusting. This is like when you send someone a text, five hours go by and they haven’t responded, but you notice that they have liked 8 people’s Facebook statuses, sent 37 Tweets, posted 6 pictures to Instagram, and have updated their career aspirations on LinkedIn, all from their phone during the gap time.

Someone go keep Barack company while he plays HORSE, alone.