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Kanye and Ben Affleck March Joylessly Through Their SNL Promos

See them deadpan.

Ben Affleck

This weekend’s Saturday Night Live has the auspices of greatness. It’s not only the season finale, but also the last episode for Bill Hader (and quite possibly for Fred Armisen and Jason Sudeikis as well). And while Hader has already said there’s nothing as dramatic planned for his good-bye as Kristen Wiig’s lovely “She’s a Rainbow” bit — they gotta do something nice, right? Also: Ben Affleck returns to host, but this time as an Oscar-winning director … and if you think somehow Matt Damon won’t be getting involved to cut his buddy down to size, youh ahh fawkin’ crazy. And then there’s Kanye as a musical guest: Not only is he embroiled in the most dramatic childbirth process since that of Jesus, he’s also got a God-complex album everyone can’t wait to hear. Plus, the last time he did SNL, it looked like this.

Sooooo, why do ‘Ye and Benny look so bored in their SNL promos? First rule of show business, folks: Always lower expectations.