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Jon Stewart’s Totally Innocent Groin-Hugging Joke Goes Hilariously Awry on Letterman
Oh, dear. Yeah, there was pretty much no way to know that a conversation that started with comparing Mitt Romney’s bland handsomeness to that of your typical Hanes bulk-pack underwear model would veer so unexpectedly into an awkward gag about hiring staffers to hug David Letterman’s groin. And now we’re suddenly imagining Mitt Romney sidling up to Michael Jordan in first class, engaging him in a conversation that begins with Romney babbling about how good the Comfort Flex Waistband helps “swaddle, my, uh, parts,” and ends with Mitt winking and leaning in to whisper, “Love the mustache, champ.” So now, all things being equal, the Jon Stewart/Letterman thing turns out to rate only a 5 on the awkwardness scale. Ugh, this didn’t turn out well for any of us.