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Jay Z and Will Smith Are Producing ‘Higher,’ an Electronic Dance Music Comedy at HBO

They’ll produce through their production companies, Marcy Media and Overbrook, so it’s unclear how directly involved they’ll be, but at least you know Jay Z and Will Smith have experienced the whole Skrillexperience. Now: how many jokes can you think of about guys being paid millions of dollars to go up and press play?



Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh tackled the script and DJ Calvin Harris (“We Found Love”) helped develop the project. There are no real details save for the fact that it’s a half-hour funny-ha-ha show set in the EDM world. Hov and Big Willie are producing through their respective production companies, Marcy Media and Overbrook, so it’s unclear how involved they’ll be, but at least you know they’ve experienced the whole Skrillexperience. Now: How many jokes can you think of about guys being paid millions of dollars to go up and press play on laptops?

Smash every indie film trope you can think of together — you’ve got Not Another Sundance Movie. (Which isn’t real but maybe should be, if we’re already up to Scary Movie 5.) The Prospect Park Picayune (not real, but so real) loved it, and the Clapping Orphan Choir of Detroit (doubly not-real, doubly real) really added some je ne sais quoi to the score. [via]

Fox will stream the Super Bowl.

Gal Gadot will do at least three movies as Wonder Woman.

Sirius XM’s NBA Radio station will now feature a Spike Lee audio joint called “Best Seat in the House.” It kicks off January 30, and will air every other week, “featuring guests from both the sports and entertainment worlds.”

Bruce Springsteen’s son is a New Jersey firefighter now. (Oh, and the Boss himself just scored his 11th no. 1 album with High Hopes.)

Golden Globe winner Andy Samberg skied down Broadway. [via]

Only 338,000 people watched the premiere of HBO’s Looking. That’s similar to Enlightened, which wasn’t long for this world.

Daniel Radcliffe will star in Brooklyn Bridge as Washington Roebling, who oversaw the construction of the bridge when his father died.

The new Fantastic Four movie is clicking along and getting close to finding actors.

Now the Murder She Wrote reboot with Octavia Spencer isn’t going forward. Thanks for all that skepticism, Angela Lansbury.

And here’s Frozen’s “Let It Go,” sung in 25 languages. [via]
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