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It’s the Breaking Bad/Malcolm in the Middle Crossover Ending You Hoped Was Coming Eventually

Oh, and they threw in the “It was all just a dream” Newhart finale business for good measure, but if you’re old enough to remember that, you’re probably reading this from the TVLand in the sky. [Editor’s note: It’s pretty nice up here. Mostly we watch Cheers reruns and debate Woody vs. Coach.] If we can be greedy for a minute, maybe we can request that Bryan Cranston and Jane Kaczmarek do the “Walter White is just Hal in witness protection” one next. Something where Hal snaps in the middle of an argument to tell Lois he’s the danger, but then she points out he’s standing on the stoop in yesterday’s tighty-whities. Seems about right.

[UPDATE: Sony’s been playing cat-and-mouse with the various YouTube videos (weird considering their own star made the video? Yeah, a little weird!), but BuzzFeed’s grabbed one for the time being.]