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Ides of March Trailer: Et Tu, Ryan Gosling?

Suits! Ties! Philip Seymour Hoffman! One can practically smell the autumn crispness in the just-released trailer for The Ides of March, the sort of serious-minded film studios release in the fall with hopes of winning Oscars the following winter. Still, as far as pedigreed political parables go, this one appears to be a doozy. Adapted from Beau Willimon’s well-regarded play Farragut North by handsome prankster George Clooney, the film concerns backroom shenanigans set in a fictionalized version of Howard Dean’s 2004 presidential campaign. Marisa Tomei lectures, Evan Rachel Wood flirts, and Paul Giamatti does his best Toby Ziegler but the star in all senses is the resurgent Ryan Gosling, who appears charismatically conflicted as Dean/Clooney’s trusted adviser-turned-traitorous mole. While the trailer gives away a boatload of plot points, it does manage to keep under wraps our most anticipated scene: the inevitable moment when the normally debonair and understated Clooney is forced to uncork a ferocious, campaign-killing primal yawp.