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Hollywood Prospectus Podcast: Wu-Tang Clan, The Counselor, and Homeland

Wu-Tang Clan

Wu-Tang again? Again and again! On this week’s podcast, Andy and I dug in the crates to appreciate one of the great, formative albums of our lifetime. Yes, mf’ers, it’s torture. Wu-Tang Clan’s Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) turns 20 on November 9, and to celebrate, we talked about the lasting impact, our favorite members (Cappadonna definitely gets mentioned), and whether something as seismic as the Wu-Tang Clan could ever happen in today’s culture. We also chatted briefly about the raw, wonderful rap of the mid-’90s that you could hear on Cassingles and 12-inch records. You’re going to want to check out this Spotify playlist Andy dialed up to complement it all.

Before we went to Shaolin though, there were some contemporary concerns. I told Andy all about the spiked-bat pleasures of Ridley Scott’s new movie, The Counselor, we tried to make some sense of what kind of show Homeland wants to be, and we heaped more praise on French import The Returned.

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