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Hollywood Prospectus Podcast: Talking Mad Men, Game of Thrones, and the Still-Lousy The Killing

This week on the pod, Andy and I put on our big-picture glasses (which happen to look a lot like JR Smith’s 3-goggles) and talked about whether the single television episode is still a viable format. With auteurs like David Simon advocating for a more novelistic approach to the making and consuming of the medium, is the tightly constructed, entertaining hour of TV going the way of the Westeros dragons? Through this prism, we take a (decidedly spoiler-free!) look at the packed Sunday-night schedule. We touch on the palace intrigue of Game of Thrones, the anxiety of watching Megan Draper drive on Mad Men, and the special ability The Killing has to get absolutely everything wrong. We wrap things with some chat about the reunion of NBC’s signature Thursday-night comedies, the wheezing ratings and poor form of The Office, and the rebirth of HBO comedy with the excellent new Veep. The line forms to the left for Greyjoy family baptisms!

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