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Hollywood Prospectus Podcast: Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Nicki Minaj, and More

So much to talk about this week! Chris Ryan and I began by acting like Tywin Lannister’s trusty horse, dropping knowledge (or something) all over the happenings at King’s Landing on the finale of Game of Thrones (2:10). Then we tackled the crazy [REDACTED] of [REDACTED] on Mad Men (18:50). And can you believe that creepy [REDACTED] on Glen’s upper lip? From there, we touched on a recent episode of Girls (33:40) and the trailer for The Bourne Legacy (38:00) (Chris is mad at Jeremy Renner’s fleece, while my heart will always belong to Joan Allen). We knew we couldn’t avoid commenting on the bombs lobbed by Funkmaster Flex at Nicki Minaj for her no-show at Summer Jam (41:20) (and if you haven’t read the transcript of their heated interview last night, please do yourself a favor here). Finally, for the latest entry into the Double Down Book Club, I talked myself light-headed extolling the many virtues of my favorite author of all time, Ross Thomas (49:20). This wry genius penned more than 20 elegant thrillers but many are (sadly) out of print. I recommended the wildly politically incorrectly titled Chinaman’s Chance as a great place to start while Chris countered with the hard-boiled Briarpatch. (His other pick, the great Mordida Man, is something you’ll have to track down at used book shops or eBay.)

Finally, the Hollywood Prospectus podcast would like to apologize to actor James LeGros. You are so much more than your credit in Point Break, my dude. Never forget that.

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