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Hollywood Prospectus Podcast: Mad Men, Game of Thrones, and Danny Boyle’s Trance

Game of ThronesChris and I tend to agree a lot — always the formula for a successful listening experience! — so this week came as a bit of a surprise. He loved Game of Thrones on Sunday night, I thought it was a little all over the place. I adored Mad Men‘s Season 6 premiere, he thought it was pokey. I don’t know if core disagreements like that make for a good friendship, but they made for a lively discussion! We tore through our inaugural Thrones power rankings (sorry, Joffrey’s Tailor: you did not make the top 10!) and ripped into the idea that Theon has to hang around — in this case literally — just because he’s still alive in the books. Wandering from Westeros to the East Side of Manhattan, we had a ton to say about Don Draper’s wonderfully weird vacation in Hawaii and the specter of death that seemed to travel back home with him. I don’t care what Chris says about things being draggy or on the nose — that wonderful phone call between Stan and Peggy reminded me of the good old days, when my fellow Philadelphian and I could laugh about Big Sean and focus on the good times.

At least we were in agreement about Trance, the new Danny Boyle film that we both saw this weekend. Though we couldn’t find a PG-13 way to talk about the movie’s big, um, reveal, we could at least talk about how much fun it was to see such a well-made heist flick, even if one of us thinks James McAvoy might be a bit of a ponce. See? Disagreeing again! Can’t we all get along?

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