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HBO's First True Detective Trailer: Woody and McConaughey Go Dark. Really Dark.

Even if TV’s recently left you a little murdered out — and there’s a pretty good chance that’s the case — HBO is hoping there’s room for more killing in your heart. It’s just debuted the trailer for the series True Detective, about a 17-year-long search for a serial killer in Louisiana, and it looks like things are gonna get bleak all up in the Home Box Office come January of 2014. On the bright side: You finally have the Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson buddy project you’ve long been aching for. Back to the dark side: You probably weren’t expecting one where they look utterly hollowed out by the unspeakable tragedy they’ve seen on the job, especially if you were hoping they might play a couple of ne’er-do-well surf detectives. We suppose there’s still time for that, right after they find the monster at the end of their dreams, collect their Emmys, and turn the show over to the next set of haunted cops.