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HBO Is Keeping ‘Veep’ and ‘Silicon Valley’

Also in the Afternoon Links: an artsy Aronofsky supercut, the Godzilliest ‘Godzilla’ teaser yet, and Robert De Niro’s Vine wizardry.

You like those funnies, do ya? You’ll be a happy camper come 2015, then, when Season 4 of Veep and Season 2 of Silicon Valley hit the air. HBO announced the renewals today, after each series aired its third episode of the year. The network canceled two comedies — Family Tree and Hello Ladies — a few months ago and recently renewed two more shows (Getting On and Looking), so Mike Judge now has the honor of tilting the HBO freshman-comedy narrative in the direction of “great shows remain on the air.” (And it doesn’t hurt that Silicon debuted to two million viewers, making it “HBO’s biggest comedy launch since Hung’s 2.8 million in 2009.”)

The latest Godzilla teaser features the best look at Godzilla yet.

Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg are making another thing about another war (the Cold one). If that’s your cup of rewarmed tea, congrats.

Should there be an Orange Is the New Black Season 3, Laura Prepon will be all up in that thing.

Important New Prince Song Alert: “The Breakdown.” [via]

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New Louie promo: death, death, and death.

Gwen Stefani may join The Voice.

These are not just Super Mario engagement photos — they’re Super Mario engagement photos WITH a Super Mario–appropriate story line.

Giorgio Moroder remixed Coldplay’s new one. [via]

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An interesting (and fancy!) Darren Aronofsky supercut. [via]

[vimeo 84087561 w=540 h=304]

Here, have an immensely sad theory about Up.

Speaking of animated films grown-ups can fawn over: How to Train Your Dragon 2 isn’t out till June, but the first five minutes are online. Something to bribe the kids with, y’know?

True Blood’s final season has a new teaser.

And Robert De Niro is a Vine wizard. [via]

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