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‘Grantland Pop Culture Podcast’: Nick Mundy and Alison Stevenson on the ‘Walking Dead’ Phenomenon

Screen Junkies’ Nick Mundy joins Dave Schilling to discuss the premiere of ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ and what makes people want to watch the apocalypse on TV.

Fear the Walking Dead, the Los Angeles–based companion series for AMC’s juggernaut zombie franchise, premieres this Sunday. As Grantland’s Andy Greenwald said in his review, it is as bracing, tragic, and gruesome as The Walking Dead. But what makes audiences want to tune in to see the end of the world every week in high definition?

Dave Schilling is joined by Nick Mundy of Screen Junkies fame to figure out what people love about this brutal story. Plus, comedian and columnist Alison Stevenson speculates on what would really happen during a zombie apocalypse in Los Angeles.

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