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Gobble Up These Deliciously Inscrutable 15 Seconds of New ‘Mad Men’ Promotional Footage, Draperheads

15 whole seconds!

[protected-iframe id=”4b5945d7d34f6528d25330f3a6594474-60203239-57735273″ info=”″ width=”540″ height=”459″]

Fighting competing instincts to remind the world that the final season of his career-defining masterwork will soon debut and the crippling, Kleenex-box-over-the-wingtips-level paranoia over even the tiniest spoiler escaping his maximum-security mind-penitentiary, series creator Matthew Weiner has allowed the release of 15 seconds of Mad Men promotional footage. Which we, the Draper-starved masses wandering the murder-choked, antler-strewn backwoods of Louisiana until we’re called back to late-1960s Manhattan, humbly and graciously accept as the beautiful gift as it is. Hey, look, it’s Don! Hi, Don! Getting off an aeroplane! How have you been? Was it a nice flight? Where you headed? The weather looks really nice there, maybe you’re visiting us in L.A.? What’s that, you can’t say? There’s a bald man with a bunch of Emmys on the plane threatening to throw you out a Madison Avenue window in 2015 if you let any secrets slip? OK, then just put your fedora back on very slowly if everything is all right. Whew. Good. Don’t get yourself hurt. Not yet.

Oh, hey, as long as we’re talking, you have any idea who the new True Detectives are? You and Roger maybe? No? Just thought we’d take a shot, maybe you heard something on the plane. See you in April.

[h/t People]