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Ghouls in BOO-dies Podcast: Halloween Movies, American Horror Story, and Kanye West


On this week’s podghast, we start off getting into the Halloween spirit by discussing our Halloween costume hopes and fears. At what age is it appropriate to ask your parents to play the Castevets in a Rosemary’s Baby group costume? Then it’s time to recap our weeks in live music — Molly and Tess’s evening of girl power with Katy Perry, Tegan and Sara, and Ellie Goulding; Emily’s pilgrimage to the church of Yeezus. We also check back in with American Horror Story: Coven and compare notes on its success thus far, both as a TV show and as a season of American Horror Story. Finally, we wrap up with some Halloween movie recommendations for this evening. They were supposed to be scary movies, but if you’re more in the documentary mood on this night of spooks, Molly has got you covered. Happy Halloween!

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