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George Lucas Finally Lets Ewoks Blink on New Star Wars Blu-Rays

We remember like it was yesterday. (In fact, it was yesterday.) There we were, soaking up some late-summer rays from the double sun, discussing our main problems with the Star Wars trilogy. You know, big-picture stuff like how Obi-Wan’s celebrated “Krayyt Call” in the first film wasn’t suitable to scare off a Jawa let alone a fearsome Tusken Raider and, most egregiously, how the absolute, consensus worst thing about the Ewoks wasn’t that they were cynical space Muppets made for toy sales, not plot advancement — it was that they never blinked. Thankfully, George Lucas must have been listening to our conversation because, if some leaked audio from China is to be believed (and when is it not?!?), the bearded one has once again shot first. Both of these changes have been made for the upcoming Blu-ray release of the original trilogy — you can check them out for yourself here or at — along with the not-at-all-crucial tweak of having Darth Vader dispatch the Emperor in Return of the Jedi with a bellowed, beefy cry of “Noooo!” This, at least, is a change we can all get behind, as this jokey meme video was long overdue for an update.