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Drake Enjoyed Some Stealth Interaction With His Haters Last Night

Also in the Afternoon Links: ‘Mad Men’–palooza, a trailer for one of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s final films, and an update on exactly how many parents are naming their daughters Khaleesi.

Jimmy Kimmel managed to combine the self-aware yowch! factor of “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” and the haha, silly civilians! flavor of his “Lie Witness News” segments last night. How? By disguising Drake as a bearded, long-haired, thick-glassesed reporter asking pedestrians what they thought of Drake’s job hosting the ESPYS last night. (Which will really happen, but definitely has not yet happened.) If you’re short on time or short on Drake-patience, skip to 3:20. You will have renewed Aubrey appreciation.

Dammit, Divergent. I specifically asked you not to split your final movie into two parts!!

Sounds like Guardians of the Galaxy will tie in to the third Avengers movie.

Colbert’s reaction to the Colbert news.

[hulu id=o3jbqvfexutmrkhjcokung width=540 height=304]

Peter Dinklage did a Reddit AMA.

Here’s a longer trailer for Jack Bauer’s return.

EW made some wonderful retro-style posters for classic Mad Men episodes

… Vulture made a Don Draper drinking video game

… and The Simpsons got in on the fun, too.

NBC’s Rosemary’s Baby miniseries starts on Mother’s Day. Nice touch.

There’s a documentary about Nas’s Illmatic coming soon. Here’s the trailer.

Still haven’t learned how to make eggs? Let Hannibal teach you. [via]

And here’s a trailer for one of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s final films, A Most Wanted Man.

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