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Behind the Candelabra Trailer: Matt Damon, Michael Douglas, Wigs, Bedazzlement, and Bubble-Bath Fights

You’re gonna wanna check this thing out.

Do you remember thinking the phrase “Steven Soderbergh is making a Liberace biopic with Michael Douglas and Matt Damon for HBO” sounded ridiculous when the project was merely in development? Well, wait till you see moving footage!

Based on Behind the Candelabra, the 1988 autobiography from Scott Thorson — who met Liberace when he was a teenager, and went on to become something between a paid escort, best friend, boyfriend, and Dorian Gray–esque plastic-surgery art project — the movie appears to be all feathered wigs, gold rings, chandeliers, bedazzled livery outfits, and your run-of-the-mill everyday bubble-bath fights. If Soderbergh’s promises hold true, this will be his last film before he segues into a post-retirement painting career. And it’s looking like it’s gonna be one hell of a swan song.