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And the Oscar Goes to … Kevin Spacey as Keyboard Cat!

Jimmy Kimmel makes meme-into-movie gold.



The only tradition as time-honored and hallowed as the Oscars is, of course, making fun of the Oscars. And last night, following a special post-Oscars edition of his show, Jimmy Kimmel got a head start on everybody. Using his always impressive celebrity Rolodex and his even more impressive acumen with our nation’s most treasured memes, Kimmel reimagined a slew of viral best-ofs as Oscar contenders. If you never imagined you’d see the Hemsworth brothers team up (and use their real accents!) in a Christopher Nolan spoof based on the seminal work “Charlie Bit My Finger” — well, brotha, you are not imagining hard enough. Check ’em all out below.

Bitman Begins, Starring the Hemsworth Brothers

Sweet Brown: Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That, Starring Queen Latifah and Barkhad Abdi

Ameowadeus, Starring Kevin Spacey, Ben Kingsley, Christoph Waltz, Gary Oldman, and Mandy Patinkin

David After Dentist Double Rainbow Oh My God! in 3-D, Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Seth Rogen