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American Reunion Trailer: Jason Biggs Is So Back

See the trailer!

Holy crap, American Reunion looks depressing. The big selling point here is that they got all the original American Pie cast members back together — but that just forces you to consider the dwindling fortunes of these poor lost souls. Tara Reid, of course, leads the pack in general sadness. Chris Klein is a close second: It’s been more than a year, and his leaked Mamma Mia! audition is still the stuff of nightmares. Stifler was killing it (relatively) for a while, but then he went to rehab and disappeared. Jason Biggs has been trying to coast on Saving Silverman for a decade. Why are working actors Eddie Kaye Thomas and Alyson Hannigan in this? We can’t rule out the possibility that Rookie of the Year shank-threatened them into it. Anyway, the movie’s first trailer arrived today and it revolves around Biggs masturbating into a sock again. (Yes, this means he will, at some point, probably bang another pie.) Sorry for ruining your day!