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Afternoon Links: Taylor Swift and Nic Cage Find Trouble Together

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a meme. Don’t panic. Just let it wash over you like bees spitting out of a motion-activated hand towel dispenser. And yes, this is the 80th post I’ve made that manages to link to the goats.

  • Pretty excited for these two to have a Snuggie slumber party.
  • How to Survive a Plague gets a miniseries deal with ABC.
  • Beyoncé’s sneakers represent the entire food chain. I really think she should have drawn the line at stingray hide, but it does make excellent Velcro.
  • Kathy Bates is set to play a really terrible villain in American Horror Story’s third season. Murphy claims the role is “five times worse than [her] Misery character.” That can only mean one thing: baby-eating.
  • Adam Driver has signed on as the lead in Coward, a “match between Barry Lyndon and Trading Places.”
  • Everyone deserves his or her special day, so I’m not even going to imagine defacing this picture.
  • Dizzouble Dizzepp. Izzall rizzight.
  • Banana Republic’s Mad Men line is on a diet.
  • Just what we need! Rats with ESP!
  • Spielberg will lead the Cannes jury. And here come the hashtags.
  • “I thought boobs and wings pretty much sold themselves.” WRONG.
  • “Ah, but they’re only uniforms. They can’t affect play, right?” ALSO WRONG.
  • The hat that launched a thousand tweets, while exit music plays.