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Afternoon Links: Relive The O.C. Through The Power of Song (and MySpace)


In all these months of link dumping, it looks like we’ve never directed any traffic to the new Myspace. What a tragic error! Today, that changes: Myspace has a long history of friendship (it’s the place for it, after all) with The O.C., and today the site featured a discussion of “every song that soundtracked the show,” volume one of seven. You better do your horizontal scrolling warm-up before you even think about tackling it; if you’ve ever spilled a beverage on your touch pad, however (not that anyone would ever be so stupid, so horribly stupid), you’re out of luck. Damn it, new Myspace! Here’s a summary: Rooney, Joseph Arthur, Doves, Rufus Wainwright and every song that ever mentioned California appear.