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Afternoon Links: David Letterman Is Sticking Around Till at Least 2015

Billy Murray and David Letterman

“Les [Moonves, CBS CEO] and I had a lengthy discussion, and we both agreed that I needed a little more time to fully run the show into the ground,” David Letterman ​LOLs in a new statement. So now the 66-year-old veteran of so many late-night wars, battles, and skirmishes will find himself squaring off against both Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon early next year when Jay Leno moves on to focus on his car collection. Letterman has been in the late-night game since 1982, the year Fallon turned 8. That veteran experience doesn’t translate to viewership so much these days, though: Leno has beaten Letterman’s ratings for the past 45 weeks; Kimmel also came in 9 percent above Letterman last week. But hey, the guy’s hanging in. I just hope he ​keeps going until all the musical guests are​ playing computery noise​ completely indecipherable to anyone above the age of 17 and we get to see him feign appreciation​ night after night.​