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Afternoon Links: Remembering 2013’s Movies With a Delicious Supercut

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You missed a lot of great movies this year. There were plenty more you didn’t even know existed. But now’s the moment when your regret transmutes into sweet ecstasy, all while watching David Ehrlich and’s ultra-sleek countdown of Ehrlich’s favorite 25 films of the year. It’s engrossing enough that it almost doesn’t matter if you saw the movies in the first place. (And no, you’re not going to be spoiiiiiled. Stop crying about spoilers! You’re a grown-up!)

Didn’t know Madison Square Garden residencies were a thing? Probably because Billy Joel just invented ’em. He’ll play MSG once a month as long as there’s interest. Dates are set from January through May so far.

Christopher Walken got a ride from some fans instead of taking a cab. [h/t Gawker]

Star Wars is on Instagram. It began with a Darth Vader selfie.

Spotify’s most-streamed act of 2013: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Hmm. Avicii is no. 2, and I’m all the way confused. Also noteworthy, though: For female artists, Lana Del Rey and Pink are nos. 2 and 3, above Katy Perry. Gaga is way down in 10th place.

Disney’s Frozen went there — they referenced Arrested Development. Even the chicken dance.

After making one of the catchiest rap tracks of 2013 together, Childish Gambino and Chance the Rapper are back together for “The Worst Guys.” Donald’s Because the Internet comes out December 10.

Got time for one more Monuments Men trailer?

Louis C.K. just scored a great deal: He’ll develop new shows for FX Networks, he’ll be the executive producer of anything that winds up on TV, and he’ll have options to write or direct whichever ones he likes. Great news, especially if you also thought 2012 was the first year that C.K.’s phenomenal TV work surpassed his god-level stand-up work.

DC Comics might make some cheaper, non-Superman-ish flicks, too.

Let Archer teach you how to handle ninjas.

A change of pace from Netflix, inventors of binge-bombing your weekends with original content: The service’s first original children’s series, DreamWorks Animation’s Turbo: FAST, will drop just five episodes on December 24. The rest will pop up throughout 2014. Gotta show restraint for the kiddies.

And if you ever feel like Downton Abbey could use some farts in its quiet moments, here you go.