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8 Questions About This News Story About Cormac McCarthy’s Ex-Wife Pulling a Gun Out of Her Vagina During a Fight About Aliens

From The Smoking Gun:

JANUARY 8–A domestic dispute over space aliens escalated Saturday morning when a lingerie-clad New Mexico woman allegedly pointed a silver handgun at her boyfriend, a weapon she retrieved from her vagina, where it had been placed while the accused was performing a sex act, police allege.

To make matters more strange, the arrested woman is the most recent ex-wife of Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Cormac McCarthy, author of “The Road” and “No Country for Old Men.”

McCarthy’s boyfriend told investigators that following the argument McCarthy departed her Aventura Road residence. Upon returning to the home, he told deputies, McCarthy went into her bedroom and later emerged “wearing lingerie and a silver handgun in her vagina.” She then proceeded to “have inner course with the gun,” according to the court filing.

While using the gat as a sex toy, McCarthy reportedly asked her boyfriend, “Who is crazy, you or me?” The probable cause statement, drafted by Deputy Chris Zook, does not indicate whether McCarthy’s boyfriend dared to answer that query.


  1. How big a gun are we talking here? The report said it was a “silver Smith & Wesson.” Be more specific.
  2. When we say “where it had been placed,” what do we mean by “placed”? I think of “placing” something as a fairly binary action. If I “place” a backpack in a locker, the whole backpack is in the locker, hopefully to the extent that I am able to close the locker. You can see how I’m having trouble picturing this.
  3. Does Jennifer McCarthy have a story credit in The Counselor? At least a Special Thanks mention?
  4. “Who is crazy, you or me?” Hoo boy. OK:
    • Is this a rhetorical question?
    • Is this rhetorical question a continuation of the space alien dispute?
    • Did Jennifer McCarthy mean to suggest that the answer to this rhetorical question was “Jennifer McCarthy, the one with the gun in her vagina?” If so, so far so logical.
    • Here’s where I get lost: Was Jennifer McCarthy, by engaging in an action generally considered “crazy” and asking a leading question to her boyfriend about said “craziness,” trying to further convince him of something he had already accused her of (“You believe in space aliens, you are crazy”) or trying to one-up his craziness? (“You think you’re so crazy, what with your belief in space aliens — well, look at me, I am pleasuring myself with a gun, what do you think about that?”)
    • WHO WAS ARGUING WHICH SIDE OF THE SPACE ALIEN DISPUTE AND WHICH SIDE IS THE “CRAZY” ONE? Was it even an argument about the existence of extraterrestrials, or something more nuanced, such as what kind of rights extraterrestrials should be afforded in the event that they come to Earth?
  5. The report says that the boyfriend managed to get the gun out of Jennifer’s hand and throw it into the toilet, then later into the trash. Why didn’t Jennifer get the gun again? Did she feel she had sufficiently made her point?
  6. The report says that Jennifer McCarthy is an artist. Does she have a portfolio website? Does she have a terrifying Byron quote in the “artist’s statement” section of said website? Let’s see it.
    • “But in man’s dwelling he became a thing
      Restless and worn, and stern and wearisome
      Drooped as the wild-born falcon with clipped wing
      To whom the boundless air alone were home
      Then came his fit again, which to o’ercome
      As eagerly the barred up bird will beat
      His breast and beak against his wiry dome
      Til the blood tinge his plumage, so the heat
      Of his impeded soul would through his bosom eat”
  7. Why did Cormac and Jennifer McCarthy ever divorce?