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‘24: Live Another Day’ Is So Close You Can Taste the Gunpowder

24: Live Another Day, a limited edition comeback, is just 12 episodes, and EVERY. SECOND. COUNTS. Also in the Afternoon Links: A killed-off ‘Hannibal’ character defends the show, the ladies of ‘Broad City’ prepare you for tonight’s finale, and Benedict Cumberbatch goes Shakespeare. (Unless he’s just always Shakespeare?)

It’s been a scary world, these four years without vigilante snarl-master Jack Bauer around to save us. Fortunately Kiefer Sutherland’s alter ego used the down time to master the art of saving the world in exactly half the time. Thus 24: Live Another Day, a limited-edition comeback, is just 12 episodes, and EVERY. SECOND. COUNTS. Jack’s fugitive adventure kicks off in London with a two-hour premiere on May 5.

Did we know that New Girl’s Jake Johnson is doing Jurassic World: Chris Pratt vs. the Dinosaurs? Well, he’s already breaking the news to reporters that the dinos aren’t real. :(

Benedict Hamletbatch! (Only for a stage production, though. And only for 12 weeks. And only in ENGLAND.)

If none of your real-life buds have visited the beautiful Broad City yet and you’re feeling lonely as you get psyched for tonight’s Season 1 finale, Ilana and Abbi are there for you. (This post is also safe and encouraged for Broad City fanatics.)

Polite reminder: Comedian and television star Louis C.K. is hosting Saturday Night Live this very weekend.

The Simpsons writers shared their nine favorite Itchy & Scratchy bits.

Springfield miscellany, continued: Simpsons Legos.

Wyatt Cenac (The Daily Show) and John Leguizamo both have half-hour projects coming to AMC as part of the network’s push for more comedy. Each gentleman will star, write, and executive-produce.

Tyrese. Ginuwine. Tank. “Pony.” Arsenio. The end.

Morgan Spurlock’s next move: Seven Deadly Sins at Showtime. It’ll be an “in-depth look at the weird and darkly comic world of sin.”

Hannibal actress [SPOILER REDACTED] defends the show’s decision to kill her off. (And she created a blog just to do it!)

Lollapalooza: The festival that doesn’t feature the EXACT same lineup as all the other festivals, but pretty much does.

And here’s a new Edge of Tomorrow trailer.