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  • Mike Munchak

    Thank You for Not Coaching, Week 15

    This week’s Thank You for Not Coaching seems to revolve around team and context, which are absolutely critical in decision-making. I can’t stress that enough. It isn’t right to go for it on every single fourth-and-short or to try to win the game at every opportunity for aggressiveness. Slapping league-average win probabilities onto situations and […]

  • Tom Coughlin

    Thank You for Not Coaching, Week 14

    Sometimes it takes a really weird context to get coaches to be aggressive. I’m not going to be naming any of the myriad decisions to go for two from the Eagles-Lions snowstorm as candidates for good or bad calls in this week’s Thank You for Not Coaching, because the coaches were really choosing not to […]

  • Marc Trestman

    Thank You for Not Coaching, Week 13

    You demanded it! Thank You for Not Coaching is back in its usual Tuesday time slot to review the sprawling action of Week 13. Of course, while the NFL stretched out and played this week’s games over a five-day stretch, the most-discussed decisions of the past seven days both took place on Saturday, when Michigan […]

  • Jim Harbaugh

    Thank You for Not Coaching, Week 10

    Last night, you may have heard naysayers point out that the Dolphins’ third-quarter attempt to go for two after scoring a touchdown that put them up one point ended up putting them in a situation in which they were down by three in the fourth quarter as opposed to two. Here’s why you can’t focus […]

  • Sean Payton

    Thank You for Not Coaching, Week 9

    I have to begin this week’s column by passing along my best wishes to John Fox and Gary Kubiak, who each had medical episodes this weekend that caught them by surprise. In both cases, fortunately, it seems like the symptoms manifested themselves before they could become bigger problems, and it doesn’t appear that there will […]

  • Mike Tomlin

    Thank You for Not Coaching, Week 8

    What a week for fourth downs! Teams went for it on fourth down with five yards to go or less 18 times in Week 8, and they picked up the conversion on 15 of those plays. Before Sunday, the league had been converting 52.3 percent of those plays, which was narrowly down from the 53.8 […]

  • Marvin Lewis

    Thank You for Not Coaching, Week 7

    Thank You for Not Coaching is celebrating a lot of very reasonable decisions by coaches this week! Sure, there’s still the occasional questionable call that we’ll get to at the very end, but the bad coaching choices this week were mostly good processes with bad outcomes. That’s preferable to the alternative. As always, let’s start […]

  • John Fox

    Thank You for Not Coaching, Week 6

    This weekend saw the studio hosts of the world spread out in commentary booths around this great nation to remind us all of that one inviolable truth: Wouldn’t it have been better if this team just took the easy field goal in the first quarter? The NFL’s best and brightest spent the weekend counting scores […]

  • Bill Belichick

    Thank You for Not Coaching, Week 5

    Mike Smith just can’t get it right these days. When he’s aggressive, his team fails and gets second-guessed. When he’s conservative, his team eventually fails and gets second-guessed some more. I was ready to give his Falcons a week off from this space, since they were playing in the Monday-night game and I’ve usually got […]

  • Mike Tomlin

    Thank You for Not Coaching, Week 4

    The biggest decision made by a coach during Week 4 was covered in the Monday football recap, but there are still plenty of coaching decisions to cover in today’s Thank You for Not Coaching. As always, let’s start with the bright side of the ledger … The Best Decisions of Week 4 3. Marc Trestman […]

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