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  • Baron Davis

    Baron Davis sits down with Bill Simmons to discuss his potential comeback to the court, his documentary filmmaking, and the horror of playing for Donald Sterling.

  • ‘B.S. Report’ SXSW Special: Baron Davis and Rembert Browne

    Bill sits down with Baron Davis at SXSW to talk about a potential comeback, documentary filmmaking, and what it was like to play for Donald Sterling. Then, Rembert joins the show to talk about the experience of flying in Air Force One with President Obama on the 50th anniversary of the Selma-to-Montgomery marches.

  • ‘The Lowe Post’ Podcast: J.J. Redick on the DeAndre Jordan Saga, Emoji, Free Agency, and More

    Zach Lowe talks to J.J. Redick about the DeAndre Jordan saga, emoji, Twitter, free agency, and what’s next for the Clippers.

  • Lance, Logos, and Cupcakes: The Reinvention of the Los Angeles Clippers

    The Clippers’ offseason gets off to a wild start.

  • A Deadly Serious Review of ‘A Deadly Adoption’

    Will Ferrell’s new Lifetime movie asks many questions about the nature of human existence.

  • Lightning Round: James Dolan SPEAKS!

    Yesterday, ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ published an interview with James Dolan, the owner of the New York Knicks and New York Rangers, CEO of Cablevision, and frontman of JD & The Straight Shot. Interviews with Dolan are such a rare occurrence that we decided to gather our Rangers and Knicks fans, our New Yorkers, and our media conglomerate watchers in one place for a lightning-round reaction about what Dolan had to say.

  • Doc Rivers Should Be Sportsman of the Year

    Al Michaels and Bill Simmons agree that Doc Rivers deserves to be awarded “Sportsman of the Year” for the leadership he displayed on and off the court during the Donald Sterling controversy.

  • Chuck Klosterman

    Bill Simmons talks to Chuck Klosterman about the Donald Sterling controversy, including their thoughts on Adam Silver’s handling of the situation and the Clippers’ reaction.

  • Best of Grantland Sports

    Brian Koppelman talks to Baron Davis about his experience with Donald Sterling, Jonah Keri talks baseball with ESPN’s Adnan Virk, and Cheap Heat break down WWE’s next stars.

  • The Moment with Brian Koppelman

    Two-time NBA All-Star Baron Davis grew up in South L.A., went to school with Kate Hudson, played for Donald Sterling, and tells Brian all about it.

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